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Apple MacBook Pro Core i7-7567U 3.50 GHz 1 TB 16 GB Space Gray

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7-7567U 3.50 GHz 1 TB 16 GB Space Gray

Screen Size:
16 GB
Hard Drive Size:
1 TB
CPU Gen:
Core i7 Gen 7
Space Gray
MacBook Pro
Cosmetic Grade:

APPLE MACBOOKPRO14,2 Core i7-7567U 3.50 GHz 1 TB 16 GB MacOS El Capitan Apple-SpaceGray Cosmetic B

Brand Name: Apple Model: MPXV2LL/A Cosmetic Grade: B
Memory: 16 GB CPU Type: Core i7-7567U Hard Drive Type: SSD
Webcam: Webcam Installed CPU Speed: 3.50 GHz Battery: Included
Hard Drive Size: 1 TB Adapter: Adapter Included Operating System: MacOS El Capitan
CPU Generation: Core i7 7th Gen Color: Apple-SpaceGray Video Card:


Understanding our grading:

Grade of This Item: B


Cosmetic A Cosmetic B Cosmetic C    
Good Condition
No chips, scratches
No screen defects
No Key defects
No worn palm rest or touch pad
Moderate Condition
100% Functional
Shell: May/May Not Have Micro scratches, invisible from 8 inches away
Screen: May/May not contain micro scratches invisible when turned on
Scratch and Dent
Casing: Wear and tear
Wear and tear on keys, touch pad and palm rest.
Noticeable wear and tear. Screen noticeable wear and tear.