Global Resale Launches B2B Marketplace

Global Resale Launches B2B Marketplace

Introducing global resale’s B2B marketplace

We built this B2B marketplace for our partners to order a wide range of quality refurbished technology. We provide a large volume, steady, dependable supply of high quality technology to resellers and end users around the world.


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We offer multiple generations and grades of product so that our buyers can afford the right solution. Our inventory ranges from current CPO devices to legacy “scratch and dent.” We group items in the best batches for our buyers to get the best price and most affordable shipping.

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  • No more waiting for bid lists or missing cut-offs – 24/7 availability of product.
  • Pre-Priced and ready to sell – discounted pricing based on buying behavior
  • Product grouped into Small, Medium and Large lots – giving you easier control on quantities.
  • Clearly labeled cosmetic grading and classifications.
  • Choice from either Microsoft Windows 10 Pre-Loaded systems or units without an OS.
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B2B Bstock Partnership

Our Newest Partnership: B-Stock Sourcing's B2B marketplace

Our Newest Partnership: B-Stock Sourcing's B2B marketplace

We are pleased to announce the launch of our listings on B-Stock Sourcing’s B2B marketplace. Global Resale Liquidation Auctions will give buyers access to bulk quantities of previously traded-in, tested and data-wiped technology devices including: cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, data center equipment and electronics parts.

All the devices have undergone a meticulous testing and reconditioning process. Bidding for pallet size auction lots is currently open at:

Global Resale is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and R2 Certified electronics recycler and processes millions of devices per year.

We are thrilled to be partnering with B-Stock and happy to offer our network of buyers this incredible opportunity to purchase bulk lots of extremely popular technology devices from top brands and manufacturers.